Hi, I'm Angelina

I ​guide individuals, couples, parents and their teens, and ​groups to use writing as a creative and constructive means of self-expression, communication to ​increase ​self-awareness,​ optimise ​wellbeing and connection​.​

I help businesses and organisations cultivate workplace wellbeing and professional development with Writing for Wellbeing Programs and Seminars. ​

I also coach people through the writing process for their fiction and non-fiction stories.​

I was ​awarded a PhD in Creative Writing in 2016 on the therapeutic value of creative and life writing​. I have had ​several of my short stories and non-fiction pieces​ ​as wells as​ some​ poetry ​published in literary journals including Meanjin, Page 17 and Verandah. I have two novels 'Just Breathe' and ​'Hopeas well as a ​short story collection, 'Without Wonderland​' coming out early 2020. ​

I am a past recipient of the ​ Eleanor Dark Varuna Writing Fellowship and Rosebank Writing Residency. My writing has been sho​rtlisted for the Lord Mayor's Award and other prizes. My writing mentors have included Australian writers, ​Christos Tsiolkas​, Tony Birch and Marion May Campbell. ​

I am an adult survivor of childhood trauma who had tried everything to recover and function in life. Medication and therapy did not work for me. It was not until I combined writing, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, exercise and a diet of unprocessed foods that I ​began to heal. The first real step forward for me was writing, and the rest followed. 

Writing has been core to my ability to work through PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders. It has also ​helped me to see and work through a succession of ​unhealthy relationships with people in my adult life. Writing ​saved my life, and​ cultivated in me the capacity to feel alive in life.  I did a Masters, and PhD t​o understand how and why writing can be such a powerful​ therapeutic tool. ​The research I did on how and why creative and life writing can assist in ​post-traumatic growth, self- empowerment and transformation​ informs my approach to my Writing for Wellbeing ​and Story Writing Services.​

All written works are © Copyright and are the intellectual property of Angelina Mirabito. Do not use content from this blog, in part or entirety, without permission ​and giving credit and a link back to the original work.

  • Angeline, I love what your doing! This is so great! I am a counselor working in addictions in Hawaii. I am soon to get my license and specialize in developmental trauma. I am always looking for new ways to help the people heal. Thank you for the work you are doing! Perhaps we will work together one day.

  • Congratulations on receiving your doctorate degree! I envy your passion and work toward writing. Therapeutic writing courses are a great idea. I never knew how powerful writing could be for someone until I began my Master’s program. I plan on taking some workshops and/or future courses to help me improve my writing skills. I look forward to reading more of your work and your future novels.

    • Thank you Sharon! I’m about to post the first chapter of the novel Warrior if you’re interested. Do let me know how you progress in your writing journey and if there’s anything I can do to help.

  • Thank you for taking an interest in my blog. It’s interesting how we’re both thinking about story telling from different angles. Maybe the two angles belong together! I’m exploring the idea, not so much that the process of transforming experience into ‘fiction ‘ is therapeutic ( though you may find in my earlier stuff some exploration of this when I worked wth Alida Gersie – you might find some of her books interesting if you’ve not come across her. If you put her name in Amazon, her books should come up.) My thought is that the framework of ‘story’ is essential to our learning and how we grasp the complexity of real life; my whole blog arose from believing that the technical evidence based components of expertise as a helper had to be integrated with each helper’s personal story for that expertise to become useful; that learning to help was not just an intellectual process but a story of our human development. Hope that comes through- though I’m not sure I’m a great storyteller!

    • Thanks for this, I’m not familiar with Alida Gersie’s work and will chase it up. I’ve no doubt I’ll find it very interesting. I 100% agree with you that through ‘story’ we’re able to engage with and process the ambiguity and complexity of life. I certainly do think that it comes through and it’s an important awareness to be spreading. Both angles compliment each other and are in dialogue with each other so I do hope it’s possible for us to collaborate in some way in the future.

  • we do get to choose our participation in the matter . . .I am trying to respond ag;a8&#n211imy last comment was eaten.Just wanted to say that your words are so elequent and say so much better what I tried to on my post. Thank you!!