Trauma, Fiction and Ethics (Part 2)

The Problem of Telling Trauma Stories:The body is the primary place or landscape in which traumatic experience re-members in disorganised memory fragments re-experienced outside linear time. Consequently, the creative component of my creative writing PhD was, for the first three drafts, a structureless mess. I had no idea how to turn it into the novel… Read More

Trauma, Fiction and Ethics (Part 1)

White Female Caucasian Perspective and Approach to Telling a Trauma Fiction:My story and approach to writing trauma fiction is the effect of my white Caucasian Western female experience. It is a product of complex childhood trauma including emotional, verbal, financial, physical and sexual abuse within a patriarchal Italian-Australian community context. Catholicism and superstition within this… Read More

The Story of My History with Disordered Eating (Part 5)

Continuing on from Part 4 The only true hunger that I always felt to the point in which it hurt so much I couldn’t bully myself out of bed in the morning was to live as an artist. Not the daughter of second-generation Italian parents who wanted me to become a teacher so I could… Read More

The Story of My History with Disordered Eating (Part 4)

Continuing on from Part 3   Despite my obsession with ‘healthy eating’ it is more than evident at this point that nothing about me was healthy. I was terrified of most foods and fascinated by art and music. Like the artists I admired I had taken to alcohol, substance use and cigarettes in a big… Read More

The Story of My History with Disordered Eating (Part 3)

Continuing on from: Part 2   In the last two posts the story of my history with disordered eating has been the result of a writing exercise based on a food item that stands out to me. Here I wrote about significant experiences that included the presence of potatoes and how I understand them to… Read More

The Story of My History with Disordered Eating (Part 2)

Continuing on from: Part 1   I was mind-numbingly ashamed and yet too proud to cry in front of all these people. I wished I’d never put anything on the stupid round plate that the waiter never took with the empty ones. I kept pulling my dress over what I’d suddenly realised were very fatty… Read More

The Story of My History with Disordered Eating (Part 1)

  Context In previous posts on eating disorders, I’ve often discussed the importance for those with an eating disorder to unpack and understand their personal story with food, fat and their body. Knowing what the rituals, phobias and obsessions surrounding food, fat and the body are communicating about individuals’ toxic relationship with self and how… Read More

Those with an Eating Disorder can Change their Story in their Own Words and on their Own Terms

  To change the story of life with an eating disorder to one without it is to acknowledge where those with an eating disorder started, ended up and where they are going by: a) Exploring the original role, meaning, ritual and value placed on food and the body in one’s family, community and friends as… Read More

Eating Disorders are Psychological and Emotional Crutches that Slowly Break People from the Inside Out

  Food is as essential to our well-being and survival as love, purpose and a sense of belonging, autonomy and self-worth. As children we are dependent on our primary caregivers to meet these needs however as adults it’s necessary to develop the capacity to satisfy such essentials ourselves. This is, so we don’t find ourselves… Read More

Why is an Eating Disorder often Personified as either ED, Rex, Ana, Mia… or Ursula?

  Although it is generally thought and is indeed so that teenage females suffer from eating disorders, this addiction can and does affect males as well as females of all ages, classes, ethnic groups, religions, vocations and sexual orientations. Many with an eating disorder and want to recover to describe their condition as something that… Read More