Feedback on your Fiction or Non-Fiction Service

Feedback on your Fiction or Non-Fiction Service

​Receive detailed written and verbal feedback on your writing project. The service is designed to be in depth and thorough to best assist you through the process of taking your writing skills, storytelling ability and concept development to the next level.

Gives detailed comments, suggestions and discussion to ensure you receive the necessary clarity and support to further craft and revise your writing with confidence.

Includes feedback from a professional and objective perspective on how your writing works as a whole, and in parts. The aim is to illuminate blind spots and possibilities to help you identify what is necessary to rethink, revise and in some instances, rewrite sections of your story.

How Feedback Works?


Choose the Feedback Service from the boxed options listed below according to the word count of your writing.

You will receive ​a confirmation email and invoice is sent once payment is​ successfully completed​.

Please refer to the information in the Feedback box you purchase for how long it will take to complete your feedback.


To submit your writing, please complete the following:

Email your manuscript in a Word Document to ​    writingforwellbeingangelina   

Please format it with Times New Roman font, size 12, double spacing and 2.54cm margins (normal setting).

Include a brief description of your aim, ideal readership (if you have one) and any questions or concerns you want to be addressed in the feedback.

An email will be sent to confirm that your writing/manuscript has been received.


When you have received and read the written feedback, contact me to schedule a time to discuss it and plan to approach​ the revision process and timeline. The information in the selected Feedback box indicates the conversation length.

The conversation will conclude with an agreed upon date for me to send you an email to check-in with how you are going with your revisions and incorporating the feedback you felt to be right for your project.

What does the Feedback Service Include?

​Annotated Manuscript

Comments and track changes with suggestions throughout your Word Document. ​​It will highlight exactly where the strengths are, patterns, repetition and problems to be addressed occur​, and instances where expansion of a scene, chapter or​information is require​d. ​


​Either a phone, Skype or in person meeting to discuss your writing and the feedback. Here you can ask any questions you may have. The aim by the end of the conversation is to have a clear plan and strategies for  revising your writing.​


Separate Word Document with feedback on the content, logic and coherence both as a whole and in specific areas. The strengths and weakness; suggestions for improvement and​ questions. ​The feedback that refers to and clarifies the comments included throughout the annotated draft.

​Follow Up

​Email to check-in where you are at with your writing project and the revisions you chose to incorporate in your next draft. To be sent​ on the date you request according to the tim​e within which you aim to have completed working on them.​​

Find Your Feedback Box


Feedback for writing ​up to 3,000 words​ 


  • ​Comments throughout ​manuscript​​​​​​​​​
  • ​​​Feedback report​​
  • ​30 minute phone/Skype/Zoom discussion ​
  • Written ​feedback completed​ within 7 days of receiving ​payment and ​your manuscript​. ​
  • check
    Progress follow up

Feedback ​for writing between ​​20,000 -​ ​35,000 words​. ​


  • Comments throughout ​your manuscript​
  • ​​Feedback report
  • ​1hour in person/phone/Skype/Zoom discussion​
  • Written ​feedback service is completed within 3 weeks​
  • check
    ​Progress follow up

Feedback for writing between ​40,000 - 50,000 words​ 


  • ​Comments throughout ​manuscript​​​​​​​​​
  • ​​​Feedback report​​
  • ​90 minute phone/Skype/Zoom discussion ​
  • Written ​feedback completed​ within 7 days of receiving ​payment and ​your manuscript​. ​
  • check
    Progress follow up

Feedback ​for writing between ​​​100,000 -​ ​​120,000 words​ ​


  • Comments throughout ​your manuscript​
  • ​​Feedback report
  • ​2 x 2 hour in person/phone/Skype/Zoom discussion​
  • Written ​feedback service is completed within 4 weeks​
  • check
    ​Progress follow up

​What others Say

I just want to thank Angelina Mirabito for undertaking the task of assessing my sister's memoir. I definitely needed an objective perspective. She did a fantastic job. If you're a writer looking for a mentor, I highly recommend her. ​

Joseph Misuraca ​Writer

Angelina was recommended to me by my daughter's friend who ​had Angelina ​​for a​ ​creative writing subject at​ ​The University of Melbourne. The feedback I received on my novel helped me to ​see that much of what was so clear and obviously going on in my head was not what I had written. ​I learnt so much about ​structure​ and character from her feedback.

Larissa Todd Psychiatric Nurse

​Something was not right with the book I was writing. I could feel it but not identify it. I ​loved how candid, clear and constructive Angelina's feedback was. It was great to know what was working and get clarity on what was not. Her strategies for addressing ​problems were helpful too​. After our conversation, I felt confident and ​to undertake a ​second draft. For the first time, I felt clear on what the book was about, what I wanted my ideal reader to take away from it and how to go about achieving it. ​

​Kat ​Billing ​Consultant

Who is Angelina Mirabito???

PhD, MA(Research) in Creative Writing

​BA(hons) in Creative Writing and English Literature

Dr Angelina Mirabito has studied Creative Writing and taught fiction and non-fiction subjects at The University of Melbourne, Queens College and Deakin Institute of Koori Education. 

​Her approach to storytelling and structure resonates with the teachings of Robert McKee, Michael Hauge and the work of Joseph Campell. The Australian writers that she has worked with include Alison Goodman, Christos Tsiolkas, Toni Jordan and Tony Birch.

​Her fiction, non-fiction and poetry ha​ve been published in journals that include Mascara, Meanjin and Page 17.  She has been editor of 9th Degree and Aedmificaus.

"We all need feedback. This is how we improve
                                                 -- Bill Gates

Contact Angelina if you are s​till unsure whether Feedback is a​ right fit for you?  


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