Are you ​Ready to ​​​Start and ​Work ​to a ​​Realistic ​Timeline to Complete your ​Fiction or Non-Fiction Writing Project?

Writing is a Powerful Gift that Most Never Give ​Themselves. The Writing for Wellbeing First Draft Service Aims to ​Ensure ​that You have ​the Guidance and Support to Complete a Draft of your Writing Project and ​Experience the Rewards​ and Insights along the Way.​

​​​​To write a story is featured 5th on the world’s 20 most popular bucket list of activitie

​Less than 1% of people ​that express the desire to write ​a story, their message or knowledge actually start writing their project

3% of the people who do ​start their writing a project ​ complete a first draft

It​ is ​Time not to ​Allow your ​Story to be ​Part of the Silent Masses and take the Opportunity for a Writing Journey ​of Self-discovery, Growth and Connection

"Write what should not be forgotten           Isabel Allende

​" There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story                                  ─ Maya Angelou

​"A word after a word is power                 ─ Margaret Atwood

The research by the internationally renowned Social Psychologist, James A Pennebaker; professor in narrative psychology, Dan MacAdams, and the founders of Narrative Therapy, David Epston and Michael White supports the benefits of writing and storytelling.

​ "N uclear episodes​​​ stand out in bold print in life story as narrative high points, low points and turning points, explaining how the person has remained the same and how he or she has changed over time​                                                          ─ Dan P. McAdams

"Writing the first draft is the most enjoyable moment in writing. It's one of the most enjoyable moments in life, period​                                ─ Nicholas Sparks

​"As the number of studies increased, it became clear that writing was a far more powerful tool for healing than anyone could have imagined​                                            ─ ​James W.​ Pennebaker​

​To re-member; re-frame and re-create through writing is an effective way to understand ourselves and others. To translate our stories into words is to honour our point of view and process emotional experience. The consequent clarity and release through writing our truth, ideas and message is empowering and facilitates growth.

​"T hat's why I write, because life never works except in retrospect. You can't control life, at least you can control your version.​
─ Chuck Palahniuk

"We write to taste life twice. In the moment and in retrospect                    ─ Anais Nin

​"Writing is really thinking--not just feeling but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic or just sweet.                            ─ Toni Morrison

How and Why do these common Traps continue to Prevent so many from Starting to Write or to complete ​their First Draft? 


Unsure of where or how to start writing their project or if it is worth the effort and time

Overwhelmed ​with the uncertainty ​​ of what to do next

 Doubt ​over the value of their story, message​ ​or the contribution it offers to a particular topic 

 Insecurities around ​ writing capacity, ​or their credentials, knowledge or experience in the subject matter 

"That you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon                       --Robert Cormier


 Fear of failure or what they have to say

 Scared to be ​​alone with the daunting task of writing their story

Inability to ​meet unrealistic and self-imposed expectations for a first draft

 Anxiety over breaking their silence, owning their voice and message through writing and story

​​"​I​'m writing  a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so later I can build castles.                                        ─ Shannon Hale


​Without a safe and inspiring space to write

Lack of respect, ​value and understanding ​of your writing project, process and the demands it makes on your time

​​No consistent professional direction, ​ constructive​feedback and​ discussion on your project as a whole​, the section in progress​ on​and your writing process

Disconnected from a like-minded community o the opportunity for meaningful conversations about writing and the topic being explored

​​ "​One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination                                               ​John C. Maxwell​ 


 No ​conviction, clarity and plan

 The challenge of confronting the blank computer screen or notebook 

Reluctance to action the ​desire to write and schedul​e it as a frequent high priority in the weekly planner​

 ​Strategy for ​accountability​ for what needs to be done​ to ​achieve the​ long-term writing goal​

​Self-permission, conviction and belief 

​  "​And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt          ​                                  ─ Sylvia Plath​

Be part of the 1% by starting to write and 3% of which go on to complete​ a draft​. The one-on-one First Draft program is​ designed to assist you with this with ​tailoredSupport, Guidance, Feedback​and Education


​​​Receive assistance on structure, story concept and characters as you write the first draft. Writing prompts and questions to consider for each chapter are provided to guide you in developing the first draft. We work to a ​plan tailored to the time you have ​avail​able to devote to writing and organise the sessions accordingly​. 


Annotated feedback on your draft in progress. for example, each chapter will be read and given written and verbal feedback once during the package. Please refer to the package you choose for details on what your particular First Draft package includes​.​


​​​Angelina creates a safe and confidential space throughout the First Draft service for you to explore, clarify and develop your story, message or non-fiction. It may be in the form of a single short story, personal essay, article or folio. There are also package options for essay or short story collections or book-length projects. ​Please see your specific package for the support options you receive between sessions.


Throughout the First Draft process Angelina will provide you with relevant information and references to follow up with regards to your genre, story and narrative and writing challenges.​

How the First Draft Program Works


Getting Started

Select the First Draft Service that best suits you from the boxed options below.


​Call to Action

A confirmation email and invoice ​​sent upon payment. ​It will contain questions to think about and make notes on in preparation for your first session. You will also be required to book a day and time for your first session and whether you want it in-person, via Skype or Zoom.


First Session

​The first​ session includes discussing your story, vision or idea and creating a plan for ​the first draft of your writing by a​ date. ​



The plan drafted in session one will be typed up and sent to you as an attachment via email. You are required to sign it and keep it in a place where you can readily see it. I will also request a copy and ask that a third copy ​be given to someone close to you. The purpose of the contract is to signify your commitment to completing ​the first draft of your writing project and having it as a priority.​ To conclude our first session together, you will be asked to write up a contract with yourself for what you intend to do with your completed first draft going forward.



In the following sessions allocated to your package, there will be the opportunity to ​1. discuss the writing process and any areas in which you are finding writing your project challenging so that we can work on overcoming this.  2. ​review the feedback on what we have agreed for you to send me before the session. ​3. to revise and clarify your project to accommodate changes in your original emphasis, direction or approach if and as they arise during the writing process. ​4. ​When appropriate sessions include: questions, writing prompts and writing exercises to do with content, structure and writing techniques​.



A complete first draft will be completed if​ the timeline goes according to plan, contract upheld, writing tasks completed and sessions attended. During this time you will have received written and verbal feedback on your entire draft.



​Final Session

In the Final Session, we discuss the story as a whole, how long you want to take before commencing the second draft and what that process will involve.​

First Draft Programs

"Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can                                       --Ralph Waldo Emerson

​​ "One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination                                           John C. Maxwell



​​ 1 month​

 complete your first draft in writing up to 3000words. This may include Short fiction, personal essay, article, blog, website content​

  • ​3 x 90min sessions 
  • check
    ​outline, timeline and contract
  • ​Feedback on your draft in progress
  • check
    ​complete Draft
  • check
    ​Advice on what to do next with your first draft​

Secure Payment



​12 months

Book length Draft of writing between 60,000 - 90,000 words. This may include a work of fiction, non-fiction or collection. 

  • ​18 x 90min sessions 
  • check
    ​outline, timeline and contract
  • Progress ​​Discussion between sessions​
  • check
    ​complete draft
  • check
    ​advice on what to do next with your first draft

Secure Payment



6 months

Short piece/s of writing up to 30,000 - 40,000 words. This may include short fiction, essay collection or novella​

  • ​​10 x 90min sessions 
  • check
    ​outline, timeline and contract
  • Feedback on your draft in Progress ​​
  • check
    ​complete draft
  • check
    Advice on what to do next with your first draft​

Secure Payment

What others say

I didn't know where or how to start writing my story. It felt like a huge mess was all that I could make. I was afraid of everything coming out of me being crap. I've never been a good writer and felt confident in expressing myself with words. After taking Angelina's First Draft Folio​ Package, I feel like I can figure out how to communicate what I have to say. That it's okay if I don't get it perfect in the first draft. I can always revise later. Writing is a process that can be broken down into steps, drafted and crafted over time. Not only has my writing improved but my confidence has increased both on the page and in conversations. 

Megan Braer


I had wanted to write a novel for years. I never made the time for it. A lot of things changed for me in 2016. ​​One of them ended up being finally sitting down to write my novel. Angelina's support and guidance helped keep me accountable. Every two weeks we'd have a session. Having a structure, plan and step by step exercises to complete before each session made it easier for me to understand the story I was trying to write and how to go about it.

Stephen West


dr Angelina Mirabito

PhD, MA(Research) in Creative Writing

​BA(hons) in Creative Writing and English Literature

Dr Angelina Mirabito has studied Creative Writing and taught fiction and non-fiction subjects at The University of Melbourne, Queens College and Deakin Institute of Koori Education. 

​Her approach to storytelling and structure resonates with the teachings of Robert McKee, Michael Hauge and the work of Joseph Campell. The Australian writers that she has worked with include Alison Goodman, Christos Tsiolkas, Toni Jordan and Tony Birch.

​Her fiction, non-fiction and poetry ha​ve been published in journals that include Mascara, Meanjin and Page 17.  She has been editor of 9th Degree and Aedmificaus.

Still not sure if the​ First Draft Program ​​is the Right ​for you?Contact Angelina