​Writing for Wellbeing 
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 If you have a love, desire or wish to write then it ​and feel that ​ you ​Benefit from ​Support ​In Writing through ​Challenging times,​ ​Relationships, Thoughts and ​Emotions or the ​Process of ​Self-improvement, ​Self-care and ​Achieving your ​Goals then the following packages are for you​!

Experience the healing, empowerment and relief.  What you h​ave to say ​is important.

Be mentored in writing ​for, change, authenticity and recovery. Receive guidance in discovering the power of writing. Experience​ self-empowerment, ​expression,​ transformation​ and connection​ with Angelina Mirabito whose PhD was in the therapeutic value of creative writing.

​Each ​Writing for Wellbeing topic​ bellow is part of a package that consists of either​12 or 24 x ​90min sessions. Typically ​they are ​taken weekly, however ​fortnightly is an option​​. Please contact me if​ the issue that you wish to work through not be listed below. If it's possible to modify the program to ​accommodate​ you​r specific needs, I will.

​​"Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to excape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation

​--Graham Green

​Inner Child Work

​The writing process is used to contact, listen to and heal your inner child. It is the opportunity to reconnect with and get to know how you ​initially experienced the world withing the safe holding space of your adult self.

​Getting Unstuck

​Explore what is making your stuck. How being stuck is serving you and alternative ways in which these needs ​may be met, so all the parts of you are moving forward together​.


​Self-love is something that many of us struggle to feel or experience​. Why is different for everyone. Together we unpack your why and make visible ​how you are automatically treating yourself, thinking and behaving without love.


​The Dreams topic looks at writing about documenting and exploring your dreams and inquiring into ​former standout or reccurring ones. We will also look at your dreams and hopes for the future as well as what dreams and hopes that you had for the future as a child, teen and young adult. ​


​Depression is anger turned inwards. ​Together we create a safe space for the sadness and anger to express itself, bee fully known and listened to in writing and discussions. Creatively we inquire into ​ what it wants and ​needs​ to ​leave.


​Here we look at the symptoms, body, emotions as a consequence of trauma. We look at how your life was before the trauma, what it is like now and how you want to experience it going forward.


Addiction ​is a practice compulsively repeated in the attempt to satisfy a need that no substance, behaviour or toxic relationship can fulfil. Through writing we let the dependence speak, look at the ritual and who the person is without the addiction.

​Eating Disorders

​This approach to ​eating disorders is to treat them with kindness, respect and love. We use writing to listen to what the eating disorder is trying to say. What is the need for it​? As well as the stories around rituals, food, behaviour and body​.


​Through writing, we work through what was, is no longer and how we can move forward with the loss. We look at how​ creative writing is available to be used as a healthy ​coping mechanism​.


​​Memories are the stories that we tell about ourselves and others. The prominent ones are how we define ourselves and cultivate a sense of identity. It is good if you can bring photos of yourself or significant others to the sessions.

​​Suicidal Ideation

​Suicidal thoughts occur when the life you are living is not right for you. Either your needs are not being met, or something in your current reality is not healthy for you and change is required. Together we use creative writing to unpack, and word by word begin to shrink the pain that feels larger than yourself. We uncover what it is that you truly desire and write through to a vision of a future. Please Note: The suicidal ideation is different from attempting or planning out your suicide. If the latter applies to you, this package can only be done if you are also seeing a mental health professional regularly. Furthermore, you will sign a contract that you will not kill yourself while completing this course. You confirm that why you feel intense despair​, and need someone to know and work through with you how much you are struggling, but you have no intention of actually following through with it. I offer this as someone who has gone through it and used creative writing and research to deactivate this lifelong coping mechanism, not as a mental health professional. So again please understand that this cannot be taken as a substitute for therapy but alongside it.

​Break up

​​ Writing through a break up can often save you from the unwanted effects of impulsive reactions to anger, hurt and jealousy. It can also help you to get everything out of you that you wouldn't otherwise say. ​Most importantly it can help you to see it from the other person's point of view.

​Body ​Talk

​We look at the stories that different parts of your body has to tell. As well as the stories from your child, teen, young adult​ self's body.


​The Relationships looked at include your relationship with family, friends, intimacy, sexuality, place, money, body, mind, spirituality, work, play, home, food etc​.

​​Processing Abuse

​Often people who experience abuse spend all of their time trying to understand the abuser or what is wrong with them. Here we look at the effects the abuse has had on you and everything that is right with you. ​

​Couples Communicating

​Here we use writing to help couples who are having trouble communicating, conflict resolution and repair to optimise their sense of connecting ion and relationship satisfaction.

Turning Point

​Turning Point his is for those that have reached a point of no return in their life and are entering the unknown despite the fear. Typically this happens after a series of unexpected experiences that changes your direction in life.

​Parents & Teens

​Sometimes it can be difficult for teens and their parents to connect, relate or understand each other. Writing can be a means through which to say what remains unsaid and to consider things from one another's point of view.

​Mentoring Package ​​1

3 Months Mentoring in Writing for Wellbeing​

  • ​Choose your topic or issue from above
  • ​12 x ​90min sessions
  • ​Between session email check-in ​
  • ​​Guided journal writing prompts or exercises​ ​
  • Journal entries navigating your journey through an issue



Packa​ge 2

​6 Months Mentoring in Writing for Wellbeing​

  • ​Choose your topic or issue from above
  • ​24 x 90min​ sessions
  • ​Between session email check-in
  • chevron-right
    Journal entries navigating your journey through an issue
  • ​​Guided journal writing prompts or exercises
  • ​To be completed within 12 Months unless it is put temporarily on hold​




*In committing to either package it is expected that you are willing to commit to writing daily for a minimum of 1​0minutes.

* If ​you select to do either of these packages on a fortnightly basis please not that you will receive an email check-in and writing prompts or exercises every second day.

Inspirational ​​Quotes​


​There is a surrendering to your story and then a knowing that you don't have to stay in your story

​Colette Baron-Reid


​The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.

​Michael Margolis


​You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

​C.S Lewis

The Benefits Section

Experience the power of writing and transform your emotional reality​ through words. Guided w​riting with intention and followed up with appropriate discussion increases self-awareness, confidence and mastery. Writing is a process through which experience can be consciously worked through. We can unpack confusing life events, relationships and situations and continue to do so until they make sense. We can look at the same event from different points of view and get clear on what your truth is and how you might wish to handle things and express yourself differently going forward. ​By being the writer you take back your control and voice which is the first step to taking it back in your life.


An exceptional therapy to one's soul prescribed by themselves to get treated for their wounds to heal!!​

--​Roshni Chandramohan

my name is

angelina Mirabito

PhD, MA(Research) in Creative Writing

​BA(hons) in Creative Writing and English Literature

​​Dr Angelina Mirabito has studied Creative Writing and taught fiction and non-fiction subjects at The University of Melbourne, Queens College and Deakin Institute of Koori Education. 

​Her approach to storytelling and structure resonates with the teachings of Robert McKee, Michael Hauge and the work of Joseph Campell. The Australian writers that she has worked with include Alison Goodman, Christos Tsiolkas, Toni Jordan and Tony Birch.

​Her fiction, non-fiction and poetry ha​ve been published in journals that include Mascara, Meanjin and Page 17.  She has been editor of 9th Degree and Aedmificaus.

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