Every session and workshop will be facilitated by myself, Dr Angelina Mirabito. I guide people through transforming ideas, emotions and experience into authentic stories with meaning, significance and resolution.

I instruct people on the classical principals of storytelling which need to be understood to be creatively and effectively appropriated in their fiction or non-fiction.

By engaging with your story’s:

  • unifying theme;
  • use of metaphor;
  • emotional arc;
  • core conflict
  • and use of voice

I assist you through the process of creative problem solving and learning how to identify the best choices to express yourself, truth and vision effectively

Three Act Structure:

Our behaviour, what we do and don’t do, as well as what we do and don’t say have effects that result in specific outcomes. By working out your story’s structure, the law of cause and effect, necessity for setup and payoff is discussed. Becoming aware of the layers in which cause and effect, like setup and payoff function, it is common to start seeing how it plays out in your everyday life. This can then be used to redirect thoughts, behaviour and emotion to create the opportunities, relationships and experiences you want.

When writing, the story world you create forms a productive and safe place with a sufficient structure to contain emotional processing. For story can metaphorically stage the satisfactory resolution needed, yet commonly unavailable, in life. For unlike the conventions of classical storytelling life does not owe us the coherence, significant transformation and tidy resolution. Whether readers are conscious of it or not, they persist through the hero’s tale of trials and tribulations with the expectation that the ending will contain insight and restore a sense of harmony and restitution.

When writing a story that employs the three-act structure (beginning, middle and end), it is possible to create events and encounters that symbolically work through a personal core conflict, tension or wound. Most people unconsciously do this. There is always a reason why you are interested in writing about a particular topic. In this sense, story writing becomes a means through which the author transforms something of the inner turmoil and hurt into a creative expression that is aesthetic, constructive and ordered as well as healing and coherent.

Writing Characters

While a cast of characters is necessary for the story, they are also an opportunity through which to understand different points of view. By writing scenes and dialogue, we begin to unpack the dynamics and patterns that play out in challenging personalities that show up in life. To stage the growing conflict and possible reparation between characters in the story the story increases our insight on how to manage challenging encounters in daily life.

By understanding how the subtext in dialogue works as well as opposing worldviews, values, lifestyle choices and ways of being and relating to others it may become evident that different is nor necessarily bad but rather a situation in which a lack of acceptance, understanding, compatibility or respect is present. There are instances in which particular personalities are toxic, and the only self-loving option is to let go temporarily or permanently. As hard as this is to do, writing can help you to identify and undertake what is the right decision for you.

Through creating your story, self-awareness expands. Who you are, what you think, what matters to you, what’s in your way and what feels threatening surfaces inevitably. Writing makes visible your capacity to overcome obstacles as well as activating the process of change. Through writing, you come to re-connect with subconscious or disassociated parts of self. 

Therapeutic Value of Writing:

My PhD was in the therapeutic value of creative writing and story telling. My expertise is in working with people who have experienced trauma as children and continue to be affected by it as adults. I work primarily with those wishing to use the story to work through unresolved childhood traumas, depression, addiction, PTSD, loss, illness, sexual abuse, abuse, eating disorders and difficulty with familial and intimate relationships as well as friendships.

I also work with those merely wanting to write an effectively told story. Together we engage with the essence of what you want to say through story and progress at a pace that works best for you. There is the opportunity to workshop an overall structure, detailed outline, storyboard as well as much more as we set dates for achieving certain milestones towards completion. Having this plan helps to clarify, at any given time, where you are about where you want to go and how you might get there.