​​Story Talk and Structure Packages are for people who want to talk story, the cast of ​Characters and ​Structure as they ​Write​ ​​

The story writing journey can be liberating and empowering as you discover ways to weave your truth and words into a narrative that resolves conflict with meaning, transformation and​ epiphany.​

Writing and storytelling are actions with the power to facilitate personal insight, growth and change. Both processes involve challenges and obstructions that are hard and sometimes impossible to overcome alone.

It's easy to get frustrated, lose motivation, perspective and confidence in the value of the project and one's capacity. Consequently, abandoning your writing venture.​

The First Draft service is not for everyone. Some people ​need someone to check in with on a needs basis to discuss their story ideas, structure and problems. As a result, I now offer either an ​8 or ​12 x 90-minute session Story Talk Package.​

​​"The day will come when the story inside you will want to breathe on its own. That's when you will start writing

​--​Sarah Nofke

Story Talk ​​For:


​Develop a lucid sense of the story world, logic and arc. How each part is ​integral to constituting the whole​.


​​Ideas, writing capacity and ability to complete a book length story. Protagonist's psychology, consistency, plaus​ibility and arc. ​It also applies to supporting cast of characters, where appropriate.


​Structure,​ story essence and chapter outline. The theme, use of setting and image system.


​During sessions,  we can workshop your writing, use appropriate writing exercises for a ​problematic chapter​ and discuss the story writing practice and process


​Learning and development of writing and story skills.


​Overcoming writer's block, ​not knowing what to do or navigate the messiness of creativity and accountability

​Story Talk
​What are the Benefits​?

Angelina's goal is to empower who she works with through the story writing process. She hopes that the that the experience of occupying the authorial role in storytelling has an empowering effect in daily life by further enhancing the ability to:

  • Creatively problem solve
  • Ef​fectively communicate
  • ​Take on projects knowing that they can complete
  • ​Consider other points of view
  • ​Identify ways to articulate a personal truth
  • ​Manage borders and boundaries
  • Create a step-by-step structure and outline to know what to do next and​ how to best approach it​
  • ​Conscious decision making

​Story Talk
​Strategies for Story Problems​​

​With you Angelina will:

  • Introduce you to particular writing techniques ​appropriate to the story ​
  • ​Relevant writing and visualisation exercises
  • ​​Storyboarding, outline and clarifying story design
  • ​Character arc as part of the structure
  • ​Image system
  • ​Identifying whether the story focus and what you are writing are aligned​
  • ​Genre conventions
  • ​Considering the same scene from multiple character point of view
  • ​Manage balance between show and tell
  • ​Use of metaphor, time and setting

​Story Talk

  • Professional perspective and objectivity
  • ​Stay focused and contained within what's relevant to your story's progression and essence
  • ​Articulate abstract ideas and emotional complexity through a story
  • ​Effective use of dialogue
  • ​Identify the next step towards completion
  • ​​Iron out tense issues
  • ​Effectively handle point of view, pace, tone, image system, the sequence of events and setting

​Life Story and Fiction Writing for Wellbeing

​How does this work?

​Creative and Constructive Space

​Holding a safe and creative space to work through the core wound informing depression, anxiety, loss, addiction, eating disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a lack of meaning and motivation in daily life.

​Voice and Visibility

​​Increasing visibility of self to yourself and if you wish, others through telling a story that communicates what has personal meaning and significance.

​Processing Emotion

​Story and life writing is a way of engaging with challenging emotions, events and experiences. The narrative is used to process and assimilate the uncomfortable feelings to alleviate distress and move forward and gain insight. Through story work its possible to empower and equip people suffering from what they need to grow beyond the problem by processing the hurt, fear or confusion.


​To develop communication skills to express challenging emotional experience and the capacity to view a single situation from multiple points of view.

​​Making Choices

​Experiencing being in control and having the final say on all choices by occupying the role of author and creating a story according to their truth and in their words.


​Greater self-understanding; lasting effects of toxic experiences and how to turn every negative into a positive that serves you in fulfilling your desires, reclaiming your life and reaching your goals.

​Changing the ​Narrative

​The ability to speak confidently, clearly and coherently in their own words and with their ​voice without shame, fear or guilt. ​To gain insight into the story and protagonist which informs the underlying unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. It indirectly gives access to identifying and distinguish what is, in essence, wanting in your life. Constructively managing challenging emotions and personalities. Making peace with past hurts and move forward. Enhancing creative problem-solving skills. Telling the story only you can, in your own words and according to your ​truth!

​Receive Professional ​Assistance and Guidance​ in Developing your Story Design, Navigating your way through the writing process and staying focused​

PhD, MA(Research) in Creative Writing

​BA(hons) in Creative Writing and English Literature

Dr Angelina Mirabito has studied Creative Writing and taught fiction and non-fiction subjects at The University of Melbourne, Queens College and Deakin Institute of Koori Education. 

​Her approach to storytelling and structure resonates with the teachings of Robert McKee, Michael Hauge and the work of Joseph Campell. The Australian writers that she has worked with include Alison Goodman, Christos Tsiolkas, Toni Jordan and Tony Birch.

​Her fiction, non-fiction and poetry ha​ve been published in journals that include Mascara, Meanjin and Page 17.  She has been editor of 9th Degree and Aedmificaus.

Angelina Mirabito

"​​Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do​

--​​Brene Brown

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