Writing Core Wounds V

​Writing Core Wounds VAccessing the story of my core wounds through fictionWriting the story, ‘Just Breathe’ gave me the space, structure and power to change things enough to make it possible for me to articulate my emotional world. It was actually through writing this story that I came to learn and accept that I am an… Read More

Writing Core Wounds II

​Knowing the stories informing a core wound is keyAdults with parts still stuck in the earlier stages of development due to childhood wounds are in those areas, very much remain children lacking the resources necessary to progress in helping themselves. It’s essential that they are given and receive what’s needed to undo the damage incurred… Read More

‘Fighting’ Disordered Eating is Not Resolving the Core Problem

  Addictions remove us from the pain we find intolerable. They provide escape routes away from the conflicts and dilemmas we find unsolvable. When we cannot bear to be in our own skins, in our own bodies, where we experience both pain and the wonder of being human, our addictions can throw us into a… Read More